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Beyond the performance. Past experiences and future strategies. Dialogues, stories, films and performances with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley


Sunday 20 June 2021 at the Teatro Potlach of Fara Sabina (Italy), in the context of the "FLIPT. Intercultural Festival Laboratory of Theatre Practices"

10:00-11:00 Mr Peanut. A Character that Cannot Die. A performance by Odin Teatret with Julia Varley, directed by Eugenio Barba

11:30-13:00 Eugenio Barba, Julia Varley: The past can only be told. And the unpredictable is born

13:15 Informal lunch and conversation

15:00-18:00 Eugenio Barba, Irene Di Lelio, Leonardo Mancini, Julia Varley: The future doesn't wait: first steps. Presentation of the first issue of the JTA, "Journal of Theatre Anthropology", of the ISTA/New Generation and of Fondazione Barba Varley

18:30-19:30 Julia Varley: The circle of wishes

19:30-20:30 Dinner

20:30 Eugenio Barba and Stefano Di Buduo: The future begins in the past

21:15-22:15 Zona limite. Stefano Di Buduo's film about a realised utopia

22:15-and for the whole future: dialogue and goodbye

Limited places, registration required by writing to the email: (

Download the full announcement as a pdf file (Italian language).