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Learning to See

No. 2 (2022): Learning to See

The Practice of Seeing: Interview by Claudio Coloberti

October 22, 2022


Film director Claudio Coloberti interviewed theatre history scholar Nicola Savarese on his ‘reporter’ experience when he documented the first session of ISTA in Bonn in October 1980 with photographs, recordings of the dialogues and cultural exchanges between the different protagonists. The many difficulties confronted by Savarese due to the absolute novelty of the situation that involved students and teachers from all over the world, and particularly from Asia, made him aware that ISTA was a school that taught to see technical and psycho-physical analogies in the actor’s work in different theatre cultures by a continuous interweaving of practice and theory. After following the ISTA in Volterra in 1981, the ‘reporter’s work’ gave way to the elaboration with Eugenio Barba of the successful book A Dictionary of Theatre Anthropology.