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Facts and Tales

No. 2 (2022): Learning to See

Report on the 5th Session of ISTA

  • Nicola Savarese
  • Peter Elsass
  • Jean-Marie Pradier
October 24, 2022


The 5th public session of the International School of Theatre Anthropology (ISTA) was held in Otranto – a region of Salento, Italy – from September 1st to September 14th, 1987. This session was the conclusion of the research which began with the foundation of ISTA in 1979 and constitutes the point of departure for further work. Faithful to its principles, ISTA organised the 1987 session in a way that allowed for the integration of past experience with new methodology and practice. This integration was realised through a combination of specialised work sessions and encounters with different peoples of the region. In this way, ISTA was able to enter into the living cultural weave of its host, Salento. Preparatory work, as well as scientific and artistic projects, helped ISTA meet the local culture in a manner which was neither abrupt nor articifial.