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Reflections and Images

No. 2 (2022): Learning to See

Learning to Teach: Chronicle from the ISTA/NG 2021

October 24, 2022


The article aims to evoke the atmosphere and work environment of the theatre experiences the author encountered as an observer participant of the 16th session of ISTA/ NG (International School of Theatre Anthropology/New Generation). Held in Favignana, Sicily, from 1 to 22 October 2021, the session was renamed ISTA/NG, as part of a knowledge sharing project promoted by the Fondazione BarbaVarley established in December 2020. Beside the narration of the events, the article includes questions concerning the pursuit of a language that tries not to betray the complexity of a practical adventure that involves both cognitive and sensorial spheres. Particular attention is given to the presence at ISTA/NG of Kapila Venu, an Indian teacher who found herself working with Eugenio Barba for the first time, having to learn how to teach all over again. Kapila Venu becomes the focus to analyse the material and immaterial dimension of the pedagogical tradition founded by theatre anthropology that concentrates on the first day of work. According to Eugenio Barba, it is in that first moment of learning that the physical and ethical foundation is put for the future theatre profession.


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